Make your own YouTube channel and generate revenue

Make your own YouTube channel and generate revenue

Social Media is a fantastic platform to earn at home. Youtube is the second most visited website in the world. A YouTube channel is a small online business that you can run and maintain easily. You can upload videos of yourself. You can upload any video such as cooking, traveling, and teaching your audience. If you love makeup, dress designing, or have pets (cats, dogs, birds), then make a video, edit it and upload it on your channel. It is a small and accessible business that everyone can start it. You must have some skill of video editing so that it may catch the audience.

Here are some tips or methods to make a YouTube channel.

Steps to make a YouTube channel.

You may have heard that it is not easy to make a YouTube channel. But here, you will know that people were wrong. It takes no more time and easy to start.

Five simple steps that you’ll follow:

Create your google account. If you have a smartphone and Gmail, google play store, you may already have a google account. Then you don’t need to create an account here. But if you don’t have or want to start with any other Gmail, then create a google account.

Creating a google account doesn’t mean that it will appear publicly; consider it a key to getting in the YouTube door.

  1. Create a YouTube account

After creating a Google account, go to your YouTube account page, and click create a channel. You will enter the name of your brand account, and you are in. the benefit of creating a brand account is that you can give multiple admin access and customize the name matching with your brand.

The cool thing about a brand account is that it permits you to access YouTube analytics which helps you to watch the audience coming on your channel. Learn more on generic anchors.

  1. Customize your YouTube channel 

It’s time to make your profile sweet and attractive. When you click on the dashboard in your channel, you will see an option Customize channel. Make a click on it; you will see three tabs Layout, Branding, and Basic info. These tabs will help you to optimize your channel for audience finds.

Here you will fill out the information using descriptive keywords that will help your account appear in searches. You can set icons or add a picture to give your channel a unique look. You can add your channel to other social media platforms as well.

  1. Move on! Upload your first video

This is an exciting moment. Now you are going to be a YouTube content creator. Click on the Create Button and upload your video. Here are some instructions that you have to follow to bring your video publicly. Give a fantastic title to your video and set some keywords for the video to help people find your video.

  1. Promote your channel and get the audience

This is the final step of your channel. It is time to bring viewers to your video, promote your videos while sharing, and follow a complete guide to enable your YouTube channel.

Here are some tips which you need to follow:

  1. Use eye-catching channel image and thumbnails
  2. Select a suitable channel’s icon
  3. Create a video playlist
  4. Create a channel trailer
  5. Make amazing content daily
  6. Make a schedule of your videos
  7. Deeply understand your audience
  8. Do an experiment with YouTube advertising
  9. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel

You have read all tips and tricks about YouTube channel creation. Now it’s time to start your own online small business and earn a lot.