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strong Soul of the heart is music and heart of the soul is music strong strong Music Perception strong

A very famous proverb is always said that music is the food for the soul and body. Well, it would rather be more justifiable to say here that the soul of the heart is music and the heart of the soul is music.

Most of us feel pleasure, comfort, contentment, satisfaction, relaxation, and love all in one package i.e. music for sure.

Being music lovers, we admire and feel not only the music only but the, songs instruments sounds, and especially the lyrics magic at the same time. Music has no boundaries and it is equally enjoyable if listen with the heart.

Music Instruments 

We all love to hear the sound of the music at the most and it grabs the attention of every listener if played with hands having a good heart. Music is incomplete without musical instruments. There have been lots of music instrumets that are used by artists to produce a piece of good music that appeals everyone around. There are several types of musc instruments like flute, drums, violin, guitar, clarinet, and saxophone. 

Each and every instrument has its unique features that play its role in producing any music. Each category of the instrument with its prominent features will give you an exclusive overview here to understand the music deeply. You will learn a different story altogether regarding the instruments below today.


The flute is considered as one of the mainstream instruments due to its beautiful mellowtune and is usually lead and carrying the music and melody which is prominent in song. The flute is being played from the mouth and it is advisable to be careful to use it extensively and continuously because your mouth and your breathing may get affected. 


Being a drummer is like an apple of the eye as it sounds crazy when you add it into any song. It’s quite difficult to learn in comparison to the guitar. A drum art is quite time taking if learnt with full commitment and dedication and a perfect drummer is hard to find, so it is always been well paid. It is also considered the most ancient instrument being played centuries ago. 


Violin is the most difficult out of many instruments to learn or rather doing mastery in it. It takes 3 to 4 years simply to learn the techniques as compared to other instruments. Its beat is quite sentimental and is used  in mostly sad songs as a piece of background music. It can be learnt without any master if one is passionate for sure.


A guitarist is usually performing as lead musician often seen on stage. A guitarist is to be a good and enthusiastic player on stage in front of the audience. Mostly, a singer has a guitar in his hand to attract the audience to spell magic of hands and mouth at the same time.


A clarinet is a mouth organ that is being played since ages. However, it is neither easy nor difficult to learn it if you have a good sense to put your mouth in right angle to produce a desired sound from it. One thing is quite seen as per health point of view that extensive use of clarinet from the mouth may affect your teeth alignment as often experienced by some clarinetists.

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